Open Source

By using OSS we share our financial success and we are able to give something back to the community.
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Why Work with Open-Source Software?

At justtrack, we believe it’s essential to be able to share knowledge and progress with others around the globe – we thrive off collaborative projects and efforts. It’s no surprise, then, that we work with open-source software (OSS). Using this type of highly reliable software is our way of championing swarm intelligence and collaborating with other skillful programmers around the world – thus leveraging all of our talents and expertise in one setting.

But it’s not just knowledge and progress we share by opting to use OSS; we share our success, too – with our profits, we’re able to give what we have produced back to the online programming community. For example, we strive to provide our community with the first fully compatible high-performance Golang cloud application framework in our gosoline project.

Open-source developers often have a more profound understanding of programming – because they don’t just want to passively use APIs; they want to follow the logic behind them, too. Software should be personal and suited to specific user needs – the benefit of using OSS is that we can customize a part of the software as much as we like by tweaking the code. We don’t have to start from scratch.

It’s not always the bigger, the better – but in this case, it really is.

  1. The biggest projects use OSS: For example, Linux Kernel, PHP Libraries, Go Libraries, Cloud Tools, Big Data Software from the Apache Software Foundation
  2. The biggest Web servers and HTML engines use OSS: For example, Nginx, Apache, Webkit, Blink, Gecko
  3. The biggest opportunity as a developer comes by using OSS: Developers are guaranteed to boost their career and develop their portfolio – OSS gives them the most valuable platform on which they can showcase their programming skills on a global stage

Last but not least, with these big advantages, we need only pay for the efforts spent on developing the software and not the entire infrastructure itself – this is precisely what brings unique value to our business. This is why we consider open-source software a win–win.