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Every app install started somewhere. Discover with us the source of your user. Stop burning money - start today with justtrack.
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You might have thought there is no easy way to analyse the performance and the spend on a user level. With justtrack we provide you with a dashboard that breaks down the insides for you and gives you the tools to set up the whole campaign process in the easiest way. Automate your spend and optimize your campaigns, with the aggregated data we provide you with in real time. Manage all your marketing campaigns from one dashboard for free.



justtrack gives you the answers of the question how the users arrived at your app, how and when they use it, and compare with our system behaviours and patterns across cohorts. We provide you with full transparency of the performance of your creatives and media over several advertising channels in our platform. Use the data and start to build advanced audience campaigns and enable reattribution. Optimization starts with understanding. And we provide you with everything you need to understand and optimize in the easiest way, with our SDK that has the ability to perform on a high level while attribute conversions from any source. justtrack integrates with the major user acquisition partners

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Stop burning money

Stop burning money with our ROI optimal bid prediction. With justtrack you can start considering different optimization logic with regards to budget allocation and bid optimization. Our integration with over 100 of different marketing channels helps you to get ad spend data on user level. We just don’t look at the moment, we predict your perfect future with machine learning and help you see how and where to invest your money. Start today.


Managing different User acquisition channels is such a pain. Login into hundreds of dashboards where you have to set up your campaigns in a different way is in general not convenient. With our Automation Bidding Software, you can manage all your campaigns and also specific Sub ids from one dashboard. justtrack supports you with finding the right bid via machine learning algorithms. Next to this we provide you with a creative store, where you can upload all your different advertisements creatives. It requires only one click to upload them to your favorite marketing channels.


Fraudulent behaviour is one of the most common issues we all have to deal with in the app monitoring industry. It is important for us to detect and eliminate fraud in order to fulfill the needs of our clients — mobile advertisers — and to provide clean and sustainable mobile app downloads to those clients. But as the fraudulent users start to develop new patterns, we learn from their behaviour and define it as our goal to be one step ahead. We are analyzing all the events in realtime and defined rules for unusual behavior. This might not just save you some money, that you would have invested in unbeneficial users, our learnings also give you insides in the next level of fraud prevention. One major difference to all the competitors is that justtrack analyses next to all events on the server side the mobile device on OS level which helps to understand bot traffic and manipulation much better.

Why us?

There might be several mobile attribution partners. With justtrack you get real time data in a variety of reports to the best conditions. Next to the tracking of several events, we provide you with our anti-fraud knowledge, one of the most detailed cost, ad spend reporting and campaign management automation in the industry. Start today and benefit from our knowledge of several years in mobile attribution.