Marketing Automation and Attribution Platform
Mobile attribution with justtrack gives you the opportunity to track the source of your app-install as you can rely on our approved and specialized view and click tracking tool.
For what

For what

Our USP is to provide you with automation tools that make it easy for you to manage all your campaigns by automating the time consuming technical aspects, so you can focus on important tasks.

justtrack provides you with custom tracking URLs including required and optional parameters. You choose the campaign goal and all needed integrations with your major marketing channels is done by us.

About tracking

About tracking

User acquisition is not just about finding the best users and showing creatives, across several marketing channels. If you don’t track the view and click events properly and are not able to attribute those to the right sources, all the effort you spend on analysing data, optimizing traffic and comparing networks won’t pay off.



To prove success or to analyse the best ways to optimize campaigns we need indicators that we can rely on. If there is no proof or history of data it’s always just guessing and trusting your gut feeling.

We provide you with an analytics dashboard, setup with an unlimited number of KPIs and access to raw data exports. This will bring you to a new level of measurement and optimisation.

About the Product

Where does the user come from and how is her in-app behaviour? These are the questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis.
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